Not a motivational perspirational speaker

First , I’m an educator studying human nature and relationships.  I write and speak about what I have learned/am learning so you may learn something about yourself.  “Are you a motivational speaker?” you ask.  I’m not a motivational speaker.  I’m a perspirational speaker.  I motivate myself and make other people sweat.  Meaning?  Meaning I talk about what we all share in common regardless of our differences.  Meaning I talk about our best kept secret and how it gets in the way, if ignored, of having the life that is only ours to live.  It gets in the way when we want to connect with others: our kids, spouses, clients, customers, patients, students, partners, bosses, employees and most of all, our best self.  And it gets in the way of helping others do the same.  Why should that make folks sweat?  Well, sweat is a stretch.  Think metaphor.  I stress others because I start with the premise that I am the problem in my stressful life.  And they are the problem in their stressful lives.  That is often perceived as the bad news.  The good news is, if I am the problem, I can be the solution.  Same goes for them.  And I don’t think we can live that solution without other people participating in our journey.  There’s the rub!  We need other folks with whom we can be vulnerable and our best kept secret gets in the way of having those connections.   So we’ve come full circle back to that secret.  What’s the secret? And, what can we do about it?  Join me on that journey.

bowen white